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My mom sells medical uniforms. My grandfather sold medical uniforms. My great-grandmother Reyna sold medical uniforms.

So what do I do? I sell lingerie.

Years ago I learned something new about my great-grandmother from a stranger on a plane, an elderly woman flying next to me who was from Santa Clara, Cuba. She remembered my great-grandmother’s first store there from the mid 1900s. According to this stranger, La Reyna, as the shop was called, had originally sold dresses, fabrics and bras.

I never met my great-grandmother. She died just before I was born. But I thought I knew a lot about her. She moved from Poland to Cuba, and eventually from Cuba to Miami. In both Cuba and Miami she ran clothing stores for women before transitioning into selling medical uniforms in the US. What was news to me was that she had most definitely also sold bras in her store in Cuba.

Three generations later, I would also become inspired to sell bras. I moved to Israel at 26 and thought how wonderful it would be to enjoy shopping for intimate apparel in a place where one could explore their femininity in a more empowering way. After years of not finding a solution, I made one. And as you might imagine, it’s pushed me to finally learn the local language, make this place my home, and has given me the opportunity to support myself. For Reyna in Cuba, I like to think it did the same.

Ivana Reyna Masimore

Above, from left to right: My grandmother Mary, my great-grandfather Dicky, my great-grandmother Reyna, my great-great aunt on the right, and at the bottom is my third cousin Celita.